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What We Do

There are 4 key elements to the Oxford BioPharama process whereby we provide invaluable help to early stage projects. These are; Discover, Assimilate, Integrate and Protect

Discover. Oxford BioPharma works in collaboration with our clients on early stage projects to identify key pieces of scientific data available in the public domain that are directly relevant to the success of these projects. In the initial phase this process is client lead using agreed search terms and phrases to interrogate literature sources and public databases. Oxford BioPharma collates data identified in this discovery stage and subjects it to the next stage in the process i.e., Assimilate.

Assimilate. Oxford BioPharma analyses data identified in the Discovery stage to help understand its meaning and determine its relevance to the client’s project. When data has been identified as being of potential interest, Oxford BioPharma analyses it within context to examine its scientific validity and understand its meaning. This helps determine the relevance of the data to the client’s project. Relevant data sets are now introduced to the third stage in the process i.e., Integrate.

Integrate. Oxford BioPharma places data sets that have come through the Discover and Assimilate stages within the context of the client’s project and helps to make sense of the broader picture. This integration stage is crucial as it has the potential to drive the project forward and provide new insights and new avenues for drug discovery or technical innovation.

Protect. At Oxford BioPharma we recognise the importance of protecting our client’s intellectual property. Protect is the final and most critical stage of the Oxford BioPharma process and is client driven. At this stage we help our clients exploit the ‘discover-assimilate-integrate’ process and assist them in preparing and filing for patent applications.

By this process we help clients to keep abreast of their competitors and ensure that their best ideas realise their full potential.
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