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The Oxford BioPharma process of Discover - Assimilate - Integrate Ė Protect, has been successfully applied with a client company and resulted in the company filing for a use patent for a particular class of drugs (known to be clinically active) that hadnít previously been associated with this particular disease process which harbours considerable clinical need.

In collaboration with the client we were able to interpret previously published data in a novel way (Discover) that indicated that a particular class of receptor was directly involved in a biochemical pathway that was well known (Assimilate). This pathway had previously been shown to be critical to a particular human biological process. Combining this information with a collection of data from both the scientific literature and clinical reports, lead us to the conclusion that blockade of the identified receptor class would prevent activation of this pathway in the disease situation (Integrate). As particular examples of this class of drug had previously been used in a variety of clinical situations it was understood that they would be well tolerated in humans and be relatively free of serious side effects especially in the sub group of patients under consideration.

Oxford BioPharma has subsequently helped the client to prepare a patent filing for the use of compounds which block this particular receptor class in this disease situation (Protect).

While this information is presented with permission, client confidentiality precludes Oxford BioPharma from releasing specific details of this project until the results of the formal patent application are known.
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